Striking. Authentic.            CALVIN KLEIN

Calvin Klein Watch + Jewelry Co. Ltd is one of the rare ambassadors  of the Swiss watch industry in the fashion segment.

In 1997, Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group merged their formidable talents to create ck Watch. Launched in 2004, ck jewelry features clean lines and design aesthetic.

Now, more than 200 different Swiss made designs for both men and women are on the shelves in over 80 nations.

Today, under the leadership of Raf Simons, CALVIN KLEIN’s chief creative officer, the brand is reinventing itself, intensifying its American roots through its values of youth,  modernity and audacity, and its role as a cultural crossroads.

This fiercely visionary direction, named the new Americana, celebrates the diversity inherent in America.

It characterizes both the design and the spirit of current watch and jewelry collections.

Modern. Minimal. Precise.

The watch and jewelry collection expresses every facet of CALVIN KLEIN.